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HTTP 404 not found when uploading large file to WSS 3.0 library


Unable to upload large files (any file greater than 28 MB) to WSS 3.0 library. Any attempt results in a HTTP 404 not found error. This is even after the file size limit has been changed to 2 GB in the web application settings.


This is a known compatibility issue between IIS and WSS 3.0.


  • Open the IIS 7.0 snap-in.
  • Select the website of your SharePoint Web Application.
  • On the right hand column, click on Explore
  • In the directory, modify the web.config file.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the file, just before </configuration> and add the following code:


  • This will set the maximum upload size to 50 MB. To set it to the maximum 2 GB, change the value to: 209715200
  • Restart IIS

Applies to:

IIS 7 running Windows SharePoint Services 3.0


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