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Undeclare / Declare all / some records in a list


Undeclare all records in a SharePoint list. Declare all records in a SharePoint list. Declare only specific records in a SharePoint list.


Use the following PowerShell script.

$SPAssignment = Start-SPAssignment
$web = Get-SPWeb <a href="http://your-site">http://your-site</a> -AssignmentCollection $spAssignment
$list = $web.lists["your-list"].items
foreach ($item in $list)
	$IsRecord = [Microsoft.Office.RecordsManagement.RecordsRepository.Records]::IsRecord($Item)
	if ($IsRecord -eq $true){
		Write-Host "Undeclared $($item.Title)"
Stop-SPAssignment $SPAssignment

To declare all items as a record, change the relevant code above to the following:

	if ($IsRecord -ne $true){
		Write-Host "Declared $($item.Title)"

To declare specific items as a record, based on a condition

	$IsRecord = [Microsoft.Office.RecordsManagement.RecordsRepository.Records]::IsRecord($Item)
	if ($IsRecord -ne $true){
		if ($item["Status"] -eq "Completed")
			Write-Host "Declared $($item.Title)"

This will declare as record only items that have ‘Status’ equal to Completed.

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Configure a Send-To Connection to a Records Center


  1. Configure a Send-To Connection to a Records Center.
  2. Implement a retention policy on a content type to route old documents to a Records Center.


Create your Records Center site

  1. Once your site has been created, create a Content Organizer rule.
  2. Under Content Type, if you wish to apply the rule to ALL documents and only filter for metadata, select the ‘Document’ content type.
  3. Set up your filtering rule. Mine was a simple ‘Name contains <text>’.
  4. Click OK when done.

Configure your send-to connection in Central Administration

  1. Go to Central Administration -> General Application Settings (Do not get confused with the one that is for the Web Application).
  2. Select Configure send to connections
  3. Display Name: <whatever>
  4. Send-To-URL: http://your-site-name/subsite/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx

‘Send-to’ locations are applied to all documents in the web application. You should see your new send-to location appear under the context menu of each file.

When you send your document to your Records center, you will be prompted to confirm your submission. Once you do so, the content organizer rule will apply and route the document to the right destination library.

Note however, that the document will sit in your drop off library if it does not match any of the content organizer rules.

Configuring your Retention policy

My retention policy was applied to a content type.

  1. Go to Site Settings -> site content types -> content type name -> information management policy settings
  2. Check Enable retention
  3. Add a retention stage
  4. In my case, I set the document to be moved to the records library after creation + 365 days.
  5. Click OK to save your retention stage.
  6. Done.

All in all, this is very simple to set up.


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