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SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 breaking scripts using SPServices / jquery


We have some scripts that use jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services. After installing Service Pack 2 for SharePoint 2010, several of the scripts stopped working.


We found that the script renamed the form control titles if the field was a mandatory field.

For example:

If you have a required /mandatory field called ‘Classification’ in your SharePoint list  and you make a reference to the form control in the EditForm.aspx page. You will get a javascript ‘null’  error stating that the script is unable to find the value. If you look in the page source, you will find that the form control title has been renamed to ‘Classification Required Field’.


You will need to update your script to reference the new field name, i.e. ‘Classification Required Field’.

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User PowerShell to compare whether two arrays are exactly the same


Compare two arrays in PowerShell to determine if both are exactly this same. This code was used in my script to find document libraries that inherited permissions from the site level.  With a server side script, you could do this easily with the HasUniqueRoleAssignments property. Not so easy when using SharePoint Web Service.


The solution is to convert both arrays into a MD5 checksums and to compare them using a simple if statement.

$md5 = new-object -TypeName System.Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider
$utf8 = new-object -TypeName System.Text.UTF8Encoding
$sitehash = [System.BitConverter]::ToString($md5.ComputeHash($utf8.GetBytes($sitepermissions)))
$listhash = [System.BitConverter]::ToString($md5.ComputeHash($utf8.GetBytes($listpermissions)))
if ($sitehash -eq $listhash)
Write-host "Permissions inherited"
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InfoPath 2013 incompatible with SharePoint Designer 2010


You have InfoPath 2013 running on your computer. When you try to customize an InfoPath form template from a workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010, nothing happens. The form does not open in InfoPath.


Install InfoPath 2010 along-side your Office 2013 installation and restart SharePoint Designer. Your form should now open in InfoPath 2010.

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Re-assign a workflow task that is not assigned to you


Allow certain users to re-assign workflow tasks in SharePoint.


SharePoint by default only allows the assignee to re-assign the task. If you try to re-assign a task that is not assigned to you, you get the following message:

Task update was not accepted. To edit a task associated with a workflow task process, you must be the person to whom the task is currently assigned.


To overwrite this behaviour:

  1. Open SharePoint Designer
  2. Open the Workflow you wish to modify.
  3. On the step where you start the workflow task ‘Start <workflow task name> process on Current Item with…’, right click on the task name.
  4. Select Properties and look for the attribute TaskProcessOwner.
  5. Click on the ‘‘ button to select a group or specific user.
  6. You may wish to create a SharePoint group specifically for this purpose. All members of this group will have permissions to re-assign tasks that are assigned to other people.

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InfoPath Form Publish Soap


You try to publish an InfoPath form and get the following error:

The publish operation could not be completed. It cannot be determined if the form template was successfully published. Try publishing the form template again, or change the list settings to use the default sharepoint form. The SOAP message cannot be passed.


This error usually occurs when you have a large number of items in your list and the request is getting timed-out by IIS.


This problem can be fixed by increasing the time-out in the web.config of your SharePoint IIS site. Note that you will have to perform the same update on all your web front ends for each of the web applications that have the error. Add the bold part in the above code snippet, this will set the time out to 600 seconds, or 10 minutes.
<trustLevel name="WSS_Medium" policyFile="C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\config\wss_mediumtrust.config" />
<trustLevel name="WSS_Minimal" policyFile="C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\config\wss_minimaltrust.config" />
<trustLevel name="WSS_Custom" policyFile="C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\config\wss_custom_wss_minimaltrust.config" />
<httpHandlers />
<customErrors mode="On" />
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="51200" executionTimeout="600" />  
<authentication mode="Windows" />

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