Migrate user profiles from one farm to another farm using the Replication Engine tool provided in the SharePoint 2010 Administration Tool Kit. Note that this tool is used to migrate from one Mysite Host site to another. If you do not know what a Mysite Host site is, you should do more research before trying this.


This tool basically copies all user data from one site to another, including pictures, tags, comments, etc. It also populates the User Profile Service Application Profiles database. You cannot however, use this tool to replicate the sync connections in the User Profile Service Application. To configure your sync connections, you will still need to do it from Central Administration.

I encountered a few errors when using this tool. Making sure that check the following will increase your chances of success.

  • You must run the tool under an account with sufficient rights on both farms.
  • Give the account you are running the tool under local administrator rights temporarily on the server.
  • Run the tool from one of the SharePoint servers, NOT your client machine.
Once all the above conditions are checked, use the following instructions to begin replication
  • To start the tool, run PowerShell.exe with the ‘Run as Administrator’ command (using an account with the correct permissions to both farms).
  • Under powershell, browse to the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit\Replication Engine
  • Type: .\ReplicationEngine.psc1c and press Enter.
  • A new PowerShell window will pop up.
  • In the new PowerShell window, type: get-help Start-SPProfileServiceFullReplication
  • This is the command you will need to type to replicate User Profile properties from one site / farm to another.
  • For a simple replication, I used the command: Start-SPProfileServiceFullReplication -destination <> -source <> and it worked perfectly. I was able to transfer all the DEFAULT user properties using this command. If you have any custom properties, things are a little bit more complicated.

Hope this helps!