You install and configure SharePoint Diagnostic Studio and realise that some counters are missing. You may also get the failure message:

Performance counter not found


Open SharePoint Management Shell and run the following commands:

Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "SQLServer:Locks" -Counter "Lock Wait Time (ms)" -Instance "_Total" -DatabaseServer 
Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "SQLServer:Latches" -Counter "Average Latch Wait Time (ms)" -DatabaseServer 
Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "NIC" -Counter "Bytes Total/sec" 
Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "LogicalDisk" -Counter "Avg. Disk Queue Length" -Instance "_Total" 
Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "LogicalDisk" -Counter "Disk Writes/sec" -Instance "_Total" 
Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "LogicalDisk" -Counter "Disk Reads/sec" -Instance "_Total" 
Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "Memory" -Counter "Cache Faults/sec" 
Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "Memory" -Counter "Pages/sec" 
Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter -Category "ASP.NET" -Counter "Request Wait Time"

Give it some time and try running the reports again.