We recently had to re-create the user profile service application. All went fine until we ran the first search crawl, SharePoint Search reported the following error:

Error in PortalCrawl Web Service.

We have the following URLs configured under the content source:


The errors being generated were related to crawling user profiles under http://mysite.



Some things to check:

  1. Ensure that the default content access account configured under search administration has access to the User Profile Service Application. Go to Manage Service Applications -> User Profile Service Application -> Administrators. Ensure that your content access account has “Retrieve People Data for Search Crawlers” permissions.
  2. If you have re-created your user profile service application, ensure that it is re-associated with the relevant web applications. In my case, I had to re-add the service connection not only to Mysite but the main SharePoint site. The reason for this is because my enterprise search portal resided on my main SharePoint site.