For a proof of concept, users need to be able to upload files that are more than 500 MB. This is part of a plan to use SharePoint to replace redirected folders.


Webdav has an inbuilt size limit of 50 MB. This limit is on the client side and nothing to do with SharePoint configuration.


The limit can be changed by editing the registry key:



Change the DWORD Decimal Value to file size specified in bytes, e.g. 2000000000 for 2GB.


*Note: There is a file size limit on a 32-Bit DWORD.


Performed several tests before and after changing the DWORD value.

Before the change, copying a file to SharePoint would result in a time out even though the file size was within the limit defined in SharePoint configuration. After changing the DWORD value, I was able to upload multiple files ranging from 64 MB – 1.1 GB without any time outs.