Important areas to consider when backing up SharePoint.
  1. SharePoint root folder – %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\
  2. Inetpub folder – c:\inetpub\ (assuming this is the default location of your IIS websites)
  3. GAC – Global Assembly Cache, c:\windows\assembly\ (contains .NET assemblies used by SharePoint, many customisations place assemblies in GAC)
  4. IIS – Backup your IIS configuration through IIS MMC.
  5. SSL Certs – Backup your SSL cert through IIS MMC.
  6. Registry / System State – some services and components of SharePoint are use the windows registry. (For example, theSharePoint timer service).
Inbuilt Windows Tools for backing up.
  1. appcmd.exe – used to backup IIS.
  2. InetMgr.exe – backup SSL certs.
  3. Certificates MMC snap-in – backup SSL certs.
  4. Windows Server Backup
  5. RegEdit – export and import of registry settings.
Or, if your organisation can afford it. DPM 2010 is an excellent product for SharePoint backup and restore. Quick and easy to use, it provides the ability to restore at the item level with a few clicks of the button.