Unable to upload large files (any file greater than 28 MB) to WSS 3.0 library. Any attempt results in a HTTP 404 not found error. This is even after the file size limit has been changed to 2 GB in the web application settings.


This is a known compatibility issue between IIS and WSS 3.0.


  • Open the IIS 7.0 snap-in.
  • Select the website of your SharePoint Web Application.
  • On the right hand column, click on Explore
  • In the directory, modify the web.config file.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the file, just before </configuration> and add the following code:


  • This will set the maximum upload size to 50 MB. To set it to the maximum 2 GB, change the value to: 209715200
  • Restart IIS

Applies to:

IIS 7 running Windows SharePoint Services 3.0