Import a subsite from production to test environment, including content and workflows. Production and test are separate farms and automatic content deployment is disabled.

Difficulties encountered

  1. Export-spweb/Import-spweb cmdlets will not import List workflows correctly. You will find that workflows lose their association to their respective lists if you try to do so. This is because the GUID of a List changes when the import-spweb command is run.
  2. Using DPM 2010 to do subsite level restores between production and test farms yielded the same result.


  1. Ran backup-spsite on production farm to back up the ENTIRE site collection.
  2. Created a new site collection in the test farm.
  3. Ran restore-spsite on the test farm

It turns out that the only straightforward way to move List workflows between two farms is to use to backup the entire site collection and restore it to the other farm. This is not always a viable solution but it was the easiest solution in my circumstances.