Enable the Document Conversion Service


Convert Microsoft Word (docx) files to webpages for our Wiki Library.


SharePoint 2010 comes with a Document Conversion Service. This is enabled on the Web Application Level.

Step 1 – Start the Service

  • Login to Central Administration
  • Go to Application Management -> Manage Services
  • Start the Document Conversions Load Balancer Service
  • Start the Document Conversions Launcher Service
Step 2 – Configure Document Conversions
  • Login to Central Administration
  • Go to General Application Settings -> External Service Connections -> Configure document conversions
  • Select the Web Application you wish to enable Document Conversions on.
  • Enable document conversions for this site? = Yes
  • Select your load balancer server.
  • Conversion Schedule – up to you.
  • Converter Settings – up to you, I use the default.
Step 3 – Enable the Publishing Feature on your site collection.
  • Login to your SharePoint site
  • Go to Site Settings -> Site Collection Features
  • Enable SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
  • Go to Site Settings -> Manage Site Features
  • Enable SharePoint Server Publshing
Thats all.
You should now a ‘Convert To’ option in the context menu when you click on each file.



2 Responses to “Enable the Document Conversion Service”

  1. Avinash October 4, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    “convert to” option not showing where should i see that ?

    • Andrew Toh October 9, 2012 at 9:15 am #

      Hi Avinash, thanks for commenting.

      You should see the Convert To option when you click on the file and select the drop down menu.

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