Received a notification that the Web Analytics Service running time for the ‘Logging Extractor’ component was higher than the threshold. The recommended action was to add more staging databases for the service application to ‘balance the load’.


Using SharePoint Management Shell, run the following commands:

  1. Get-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication -identity “<name of service application>
  2. Record the name of the existing database server and database name.
  3. Now, type in the following command but include a second database name.
  4. Set-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication -identity “service application name” -ListOfStagingDatabases “<StagingDatabases><StagingDatabase ServerName=’db server’ DatabaseName=’db1’/> <StagingDatabase ServerName=’db server’ DatabaseName = ‘db2’/></StagingDatabases>”

This will create a second staging database on the database server.